Our Facilities

Facilities here at Welshpool Flying School, include briefing room, flight planning room, general meeting area, and car parking area.

The School can provide all private hires, as well as students with updated weather reports for Welshpool and other airfields.

Briefing Room

Briefing room has wallboard, tables, and chairs, computer with internet connection, and is available for briefings, flight planning, examinations, interactive training or private study.

Internet Access

Computers with Broadband connection available to keep abreast of current met and flight safety issues.

Pilot Supplies

The flying school can obtain pilot supplies, and is also able to order in at a discount many items from GPS to checklists.  Call us to find out more.


Our Team
  • John Dale
    John Dale Head of Training
  • Tania Prior
    Tania Prior Deputy Head of Training / Flying Instructor and Examiner
  • Mark Petrie
    Mark Petrie School Director
About Us

Our flying school here at Welshpool is a small and friendly school. Opened in 2014, we are a sister training facility to Flintshire Flying School based at Hawarden Airport which has been successfully training pilots since 2009. All aircraft are maintained on sight at Hawarden by our engineering partner keeping aircraft downtime to a minimum. We share a fleet of aircraft easily accessible between both schools.

Here at Welshpool we are focussed on delivering the highest standard of instruction and our experienced instructors will ensure your training experience is both professional and enjoyable.

Welshpool flying school is perfectly situated for flight training and trial flight experiences. At the airfield there is a relaxed yet professional atmosphere and fantastic scenery to take in.

The diverse landscape means students get to experience flying over both rural and built up areas.

We offer a comprehensive range of flying qualifications structured to meet the needs of all aspiring pilots.

The flying school operates weekdays and weekends and our door is always open so feel free to drop by for a chat.

Our Aircraft

The Welshpool Flying School Fleet comprises 3 Piper Tomahawks, and 2 Piper Warrior. The fleet is mantained at Hawarden to the highest standards.

Piper Tomahawk II PA38-112:

The Piper PA38 Tomahawk II is a purpose built two-seat training aircraft. It is fitted with full dual controls, low wings and a ‘T-Shaped tail.’ The Tomahawk cruises at 90kts and is an ideal first training aircraft for the PPL.

Welshpool Flying School currently operates one of three Tomahawks which are all available for solo and training hire seven days a week.

Piper PA28 Warrior PA28-161:

The Piper PA28 Warrior is an ideal touring aircraft. Also fitted with dual controls and a generous set of avionics, this aircraft can be used for PPL training, touring, and instrument training. Touring at appromiately 100kt, this aircraft is a comfortable vehicle for the longer trips.

Welshpool Flying School can arrange to use this aircraft from Flintshire Flying School .

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