2015-03-23 18.18.37A trial flight is the first step in every pilot’s career. For many this is the realisation of a long awaited dream, or it may be the first step towards a new career.  Maybe you just fancy a one off lesson at the controls of a light aircraft, or you’re stuck for that special Birthday / Christmas / Anniversary gift for a special friend or relative.

All trial flights are structured to get you flying the aircraft with an instructor, and to give you an introduction to the flying experience.

The flight will proceed in a relaxed, but professional manner with an ongoing briefing and explanation about the effects of each flying control, (ailerons, flaps, and rudder) and how you will use them in flight. You will be given the opportunity to undertake a large part of the actual flying once airborne. All the aircraft are fully dual controlled and the instructor will carefully monitor your progress. It’s a very satisfying experience and you will be surprised at just how much you can do.

Visit us and see what it’s like. It’s completely up to you, if you don’t feel like taking control of the aircraft, just say so, there is no pressure and your instructor will happily remain in control. You may wish to take in the views of  Mid Wales or fly over your house to take a photograph. The details of the flight are quite flexible and you can discuss the journey before taking off.

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If you enjoy the flight, and consider that flying is for you, then you may want to take some additional lessons, your instructor will be happy to discuss further training options with you. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation on your part. If you do decide to train for a Private Pilot Licence, your trial lesson will count towards your flying training hours.

If you would like to purchase a ‘Trial flying lesson’ as a special present for a friend or relative  or to treat yourself we can provide ‘Trial Flying Lesson Vouchers’ with a flight date of your choice, or with the date left open.


*All bookings for Trial Flying Lessons are subject to suitable weather conditions on the day, and may have to be re- arranged when necessary.

* Welshpool Flying School reserves the right to apply fuel surcharges should fuel costs increase

  • Welcome and briefing

    Arrive & be greeted by your instructor, followed by a pre-flight briefing

  • Photos

    Opportunity for photos in the aircraft

  • Taxi and Take Off

    Taxi and Take-off (Usually performed by your instructor)

  • Flight

    Once airbourne, you have control for most of the flight, with your instructor demonstrating different manouveres. You then return to the airfield and have the landing (Instructor usually performs this).

  • Debrief

    Post-flight de-brief and informal chat with instructor/staff member about further training

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