40 Minute Trial Flying Lesson – 4 Seat PA28 – Gift Voucher

After purchasing your gift voucher, it will be delivered in a discreet un-marked envelope within 5 working days. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and is open-dated allowing the receiver to call us at any point during this time to arrange a suitable date and time for the lesson to be flown. Payments are made to the Welshpool Flying School.

You are able to purchase a voucher for 1 passenger or up to 3.

If you wish to purchase just for 1 passenger, the other passengers can purchase their seats on day of the flight.

As you can appreciate, the UK, known for its unpredictable weather can cause problems with flying and in some cases the flight may need to be re-arranged at short-term notice. Please ensure you call us before you set off for your flying lesson.

40 Minute Trial Flying Lesson 4 seat
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