2014-11-15 09.14.06NOTE: Endorsed as IR (Restricted) on Part-FCL Licences

In agreement with EASA, UK JAA and National licences which contained the UK IMC rating for Aeroplanes issued prior to 8 April 2014 that are converted to EASA licences will retain IMC privileges. On a Part-FCL licence the UK (IMC) appears as IR (Restricted). The revalidation/renewal requirements of the IMC Rating shall apply to all IR (Restricted) Ratings.

This is a rating that is not available to holders of a UK NPPL. Privileges of this rating can also be found in Schedule 8 of the ANO and may only be exercise in UK airspace. The training consists of 15 hours flight time following PPL issue and 20 hours (minimum) of ground study.

The course is broken down in to 2 stages:
■Basic Stage
■Applied Stage.

The basic stage includes, instrument attitude flying with basic flight manoeuvres on full panel, limited panel (simulated loss of the attitude indicator and gyroscopic direction finder) and partial panel (simulated loss of pitot/static instruments). The applied stage will teach you to use approach charts and let-downs to your lowest allowed heights/altitudes. Let-downs include the Instrument Landing System (ILS), Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) approaches and even Surveillance Radar Approaches (SRA) and GPS Approaches from suitable airfields.

You will be required to pass a ground exam and a Skills Test with a CAA Authorised Examiner.

Privileges of the UK IMC Rating:
■Fly outside controlled airspace in visibility less than 3km.
■Fly special VFR in a control zone in less than 10km but not less than 3km vis.
■Fly in Class D & E airspace IFR.
■Fly out of sight of the surface.
■Take-off and land in vis below cloud not less than 1800m.
■Fly to approach minima though the UK AIP recommends and increased DH(A)/MDH(A).

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