The NPPL is a recreational pilots licence, allowing flight in a light aircraft in UK airspace only, and only in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) during daylight hours. It does not entitle you to fly abroad nor is it possible to add a night or IMC rating to a NPPL.
The course involves a minimum of 32 hours flight training plus your flight tests which is broadly similar to that required for the EASA PPL.

The written exams are the same as those for the EASA PPL.

The aim of the National PPL is to devolve the regulation of some recreational flying to the “Air Sports” organisations. Medically, this devolution means changing from an aviation medical examination system, using a network of specially qualified doctors, to a declaration of medical fitness by you, the pilot. To validate this declaration, and to prevent concealment of disease, it has to be endorsed by a doctor with access to your medical records, usually your own GP.
Prior to completing the Qualifying Cross-Country flight the “Navigational Skills Test” must be completed first.

The Qualifying Cross-Country flight requires you to fly a total distance of 100nm and land at two different aerodromes.

If you have already completed some training it is possible to have this credited to the NPPL or PPL training, or if you obtain the NPPL you may wish to “Upgrade” it to a EASA PPL, in which case 30 hours can be carried over as a credit towards a EASA-FCL PPL, as long as all flying training has been completed by a EASA qualified instructor and all EASA PPL exams have been passed.

Welshpool Flying School maintains a skills test 100% pass record.

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